The Stylish Fusion Hybrid

Dpn Rich Ford Co Inc sells every hybrid model Ford produces. You might be surprised to learn that Ford makes a hybrid version of its popular Fusion nameplate. With its hybrid-engine technology in a midsize sedan, Ford offers you a greener automobile that resembles a gas-only car. Look closer now at the Fusion Hybrid's design features.

You will find a large grille on the Fusion Hybrid. Built with five horizontal bars enclosed by a modernized octagon, this chrome-adorned grille catches eyes. Fusion Hybrid may not need as much air intake as a conventional sedan, but you can surely keep that little secret.

To help you save gasoline, Ford applied aerodynamic touches to the Fusion Hybrid. The model's bumpers, electric mirrors and door handles carry those notes, and Ford matched each of these to the Fusion Hybrid's exterior-paint hue. Clearly, from front to back, Ford Fusion Hybrid helps you stylishly drive and simultaneously reduce your carbon footprint.



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