How do I Find My Tire Size?

Finding out the tire size on your vehicle can be a little confusing if you are not sure what to look for, but you should find it's really not that difficult once you learn what the numbers and letters on your tires mean. The Don Rich Ford Co Inc team can assist.

You'll find the size on the sidewall of your tire; it should look something like this example: 235/45R17. Now using this example, we can break it down into three parts. The first number (235/) tells you the width of the tire from sidewall to sidewall, and that is measured in millimeters. The second part (45) represents the ratio of sidewall height to width, also measured in millimeters. And the final number (17) is the wheel diameter measured in inches.

If you feel like you're just not quite sure, then feel free to come on down to our Ford parts center in Villa Rica, GA where we would love to answer any questions you might have and show you in person.

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