Using Apps in the Ford Taurus Model's SYNC 3 System

A full-size sedan is supposed to provide maximum comfort and advanced digital technology. The Ford Taurus is a premium model that surely meets and exceeds such criteria for American families.

If you're comfortable with using a smartphone or tablet, then you'll love the interface of the car's SYNC 3 infotainment system. You can gently touch the 8.0-inch monitor to select GPS navigation and other icons on the menu. The all-new Ford+Alexa application offers unprecedented connectivity for your drive. For example, this portal allows you to shop for tens of thousands of items on Amazon. Additionally, the Ford+Alexa app remotely manages gadgets that are compatible with the Smart Home technology.

The Ford Taurus also has conventional portals for smartphones and tablets. As you drive around, you can view Google Maps through the Android Auto suite. Additionally, you could ask Don Rich Ford Co Inc about the Apple CarPlay hub that's optimized for iPhones and iPads.



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