Ford Transit Passenger Wagon Offers Custom Interior Configurations

The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon is one of the most versatile vans in the United States of America. Don Rich Ford Co Inc promotes the car's impressive highlights, such as a seating capacity for up to 15 adult passengers. The wheelbase of this commercial-optimized model is available in the regular, long and long EL versions.

The maximum cargo height rating for the long EL model is 77.0 inches. You should check other important specifications, such as the leg, hip, shoulder and head room in each trim. The cargo volume also varies widely depending on the wheelbase that you select. For example, you can store up to 414 cubic feet of cargo behind the first row in the long EL. Additionally, the Transit Passenger Wagon may be equipped with custom seating arrangements for optimum combinations of cargo and passenger capacities. Aftermarket accessories could be installed to divide equipment and other hardware behind the seats.



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