Ford Fiesta Highlights Design and Safety in One

The Ford Fiesta is one of today's most popular subcompact cars, and it's easy to see why. For active drivers, the Fiesta is an exceptional option that offers great value while being fun to drive. The Fiesta also looks great, something that adds excitement to this vehicle choice.

At Don Rich Ford Co Inc, we can offer you all of the Fiesta's 10 different exterior color choices. This range of color options allows you to pick just the right eye-catching shade for your ride. With standard choices like Lightning Blue and Bohai Mint as well as a range of exciting premium paints, you can select the color that's right for you.

The Fiesta isn't just designed for beauty; it's also designed for safety. With high-strength boron steel, the Fiesta's structure is strengthened and reinforced. Seven airbags are designed to protect your head and chest and offer peace of mind.



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