Ford Transit Vans Assist With Braking

The Ford Transit Connect is a very popular small van that is used by individuals and companies to transport and deliver a wide range of items. These vans have abundant cargo space, and their smaller size allows them to get in places larger vans can't.

One area where the Ford Transit Connect really assists you is in the area of braking. Sometimes you will have to come to a fast and hard stop. Emergency brake assist on the Ford Transit Connect applies extra braking power to help shorten stopping distances. The Transit Connect also comes with hill assist. This feature keeps the brake applied on a hill while you transition from the brake to the gas. It prevents unwanted rollback.

These are just a few of the features that make the Ford Transit Connect a popular vehicle. Come in to Don Rich Ford Co Inc in Villa Rica, GA for a test drive. You will learn why so many people like this vehicle.

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