Technology Features of the Ford Expedition

Here at Don Rich Ford Co Inc, we are proud to include the Ford Expedition among our lineup of popular full-size SUVs. The engineers and designers behind the Expedition made sure to cut no corners in the creation of this superb vehicle.

There are a number of smart technology features that fill the Expedition, such as BLIS, or the Blind Spot Information System, which keeps an eye on your blind spots and alerts you when there are dangers that are out of your visual range. 

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The Efficiency and Performance of the Ford C-Max

At Don Rich Ford Co Inc, we understand the complete package that the Ford C-Max delivers. This compact hybrid is filled with performance features that will let you get far on each gallon of gas while still having fun behind the wheel.

The Ford C-Max has two engines. The electric engine can get the car up to 85 mph by itself and is paired with a 2.0 Atkinson-cycle I-4 gas engine. The two engines work together to produce the needed power in any situation and will maximize the efficiency of the vehicle.  

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Ford Handling and Performance Features

Have you seen the latest from Ford? The all new Mustang is the best American sports muscle car yet with five different driving modes, new suspension, new steering, and finely tuned engines. In fact, you’ll find that the standard Mustang is a whole new design on the outside with a base engine that gets over 300 horsepower. You can also see the how innovation has played a big role in the latest from Ford, as there is now a drag mode, which lets you match performance and speed. 

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See Yourself in Your Own Ford Flex

Our team here at Don Rich Ford Co Inc believe that your vehicle should have the features it needs to make your drive more convenient and comfortable. With options like the Ford Flex, you can find a vehicle designed with this in mind.

When your hands are full and your keys are in your pocket, what do you do? With this popular three-row midsize SUV, you can add the available Intelligent Access key. This allows you to unlock the doors if the key fob is nearby so that you don’t have to dig them out. 

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Explore the Style Features of the Ford EcoSport

When you are looking for a sleek and stylish vehicle, the Ford EcoSport is a natural choice. This popular crossover SUV has a compact footprint, making it an ideal option for parallel parking and small city parking spaces. Its LED and halogen lights and lamps make it easy to see in parking garages, and other drivers will easily see you.

Another top feature of the Ford EcoSport is its leather-trimmed seats. You can choose a trim level that includes heated seats, which further enhances your comfort. 

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How Much Room is There in the Ford C-MAX Hybrid for Passengers?

The Ford C-MAX Hybrid is larger than the compact Ford B-MAX with more capacity for passengers and cargo. Ford classes the C-MAX Hybrid as a mid-sized SUV with four-doors and ample room for five people.

Both front seats have ample legroom at 43.1 inches. The rear seats have less legroom, but the 36.1 inches of legroom available is perfect for growing children. Shoulder room in the two front seats runs at 55.9 inches while the shoulder room in the rear seats offers 55.2 inches for each of three passengers. 

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What Kind of Weight Can a Ford Transit Connect Carry or Pull?

When speaking about cargo or multiple passenger vans, it is important to know about load carrying capacity. An overload of weight can cause just as much damage to a vehicle as towing too much weight for the vehicle’s rating. Understanding load carrying and towing limits is the first step toward a long-lasting van.

The Ford Transit Connect is a small van, some might say a compact van. Even with its small dimensions, the Transit Connect can still carry an impressive load and often reaches the towing capacity of some of the larger rigs. 

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Get a Versatile Driving Experience in the 2018 Ford Taurus

Whoever said that vehicles with automatic transmission don't provide you with precise performance control clearly hasn't seen the 2018 Ford Taurus. This popular full-sized sedan has a unique transmission system that lets you drive your car the way that you want to.

Ford has included the 6-speed SelectShift automatic transmission system on all of 2018 Taurus configurations. You can operate your car like a standard automatic vehicle. However, you also have the option to override the automatic function and choose the gear that you want to drive in. 

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See Yourself Behind the Wheel of the 2018 Fusion

Are you ready for the 2018 Ford Fusion? We want to show you some of the reasons why customers are finding the Fusion a popular midsize sedan.

A lot of vehicles have all-wheel drive, but the Ford Fusion sets itself apart from the competition. The Fusion features an intelligent AWD system that utilizes sensors to balance the torque settings on the front and rear wheels. If you commute frequently in the city, you’re used to the start and stop nature of the roads. With Auto Start-Stop, the engine will turn itself off after a few seconds of stopping. 

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Experience Technological Innovation in the Ford Mustang

The iconic Ford Mustang is one of the most popular sports cars ever. Although it is known primarily as a muscle car, the current version of the Mustang is packed with advanced technology that makes it even more fun than ever, as well as safe to drive.

Select the 12-inch LCD digital instrument cluster with MyColor, an available option on the EcoBoost® Premium and GT Premium that allows you to choose your gauge layout to give you better control of your vehicle. 

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